English Games

I got these games from Roberta when having English Camp.

  1. Spying –> the teacher finds something inside classroom. The students are asking by giving yes or no question. The students need to ask by giving full question. After getting the answer from the teacher. Students are trying to guess what the thing is spied.
  2. Matching Up –> the students work in pair. One of them draws a picture on a plain paper. Then he asks another student to draw the picture as same as possible by saying all the clues such as: on the upper right corner, there is a sun; on the middle of the page, there is a sticky person; etc.
  3. Finding the differences and similarities –> the students work in pair. The teacher gives two same pictures with 5 different points. One tells another about the picture conversely. They talk whether they have similarities or differences. For example: Student A: in my picture, on the upper right corner, there is a cloud. Student B: in my picture there is a sun hiding behind the cloud.
  4. Think-Pair-Share –> Teacher gives a topic i.e Travelling. Students work in pair. Student A asks student B “what place will they visit?”, then asking why, then ask student B to describe the place. Student B writes what he gets. Then student B tells everybody in the class about what student B’s favorite place to travel.