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How people acquire a language can vary from one to others. This fact is proven because people usually use different steps, techniques, methods, or even approachesin order to learn and use a language. The book of Language Acquisition and Development written by Chirstine C. M. Gohand Rita Elaine Silver discuss this topic from the basic overview. To make someone able to speak or write is not an easy way. There are some steps or even many steps to do. In English, the same with other second or foreign language, there are four skills which should be learned in order to acquire English entirely. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In order to speak and write, someone needs to listen and read much. Like a baby, they start by listening more before speaking. After that it can learn to read after that they can write. Those cycles are bound. They cannot be separated each other. Continue reading


Lesson Plan – Pronunciation

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks




– Apperception why pronunciation is much important in English speaking.

– Mispronunciation can bring the listener misunderstood of what we say or even our speaking will not be understood.

– Compare to Javanese word such as the word “lara” which is pronounced differently to the vowel /a/ like other Javanese word.

– Giving some examples how to differentiate the words below: Continue reading

How introduce Yourself formally or at Job interview

Today, I am going to teach Vocational High school in the first time. It becomes problematic for me since I used to teach Senior High School in general and I’ve never teach Vocational High School. Therefore I planned this to overcome the problem. As the first meeting, I usually set my students to deal with the introductions. Because they are in the twelve grade, they will leave their school soon. Thus I plan to give the formal introduction or the introduction when my students at a job interview.

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