Kegiatan dan Game berbahasa Inggris

Saat saya harus memegang Ektra-kurikuler Bahasa Inggris di SMA, saya menemui kendala tentang masalah materi yang ingin saya sampaikan. Perlu diketahui, murid-murid yang mengikuti EC berasal dari berbagai kelas dan kemampuan. Sementara itu, banyak siswa siswa yang tidak menghendaki jika EC tersebut diisi dengan kegiatan yang sama seperti di kelas. Finally, Setelah melakukan browsing beberapa saat saya menemukan materi yang asyik dan efektif untuk digunakan di kegiatan ekstra tersebut. Ini dia link-nya:

Link ini berisi banyak jenis game yang bisa diaplikasikan ke semua level. Semoga bermanfaat.


Lesson Plan – Procedure Text (Secondary School) Part 1

Class meetings and Topics

  1. Topic: How to do something


  • Motivation on  why we should listen to some English authentic sources to improve our speaking skill. e.g. Listening music, Watching English film and etc.
  • Reminding the students that they will get listening test in their final examination.
  • Ask the students to find a video on YouTube about “how to speak English fluently”.
  • Asking the students to make groups of four people in order to get 4 different videos to discuss in one group.
  • Ask the students to discuss and tell what they get from the video to other group-mates in group. Continue reading

Lesson Plan – Cooperative Learning on Introduction (Grade X)

For grade ten teaching activities (second meeting on Introduction):

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks

  1. Topics: Introduction

Learning Method: Three-steps interview


  • Motivation to be brave and think creative in our life. Show the examples that life is never flat.
  • Ask the students to make groups of four people (student A, B, C, and D).
  • Teacher asks the students to list the questions which they have asked to the teacher in the last meeting for examples on: Continue reading

Lesson Plan Reading and Writing – How to Learn English (additional material for grade XII)

Grade twelve – teaching activities:

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks

  1. Topic: How to learn English effectively


  • Motivation of why we need to do something special if we want to be someone special.
  • Motivation to Listen and read a lot in English form independently.
  • Ask the students to find an article on the internet about “how to learn English easily, effectively or others”.
  • Asking the students to make groups of four people in order to get 4 different articles  to discuss in one group.
  • Ask the students to discuss and tell what they get from the article to other students in group. Continue reading

Cooperative Learning Techniques

These files are the further explanation of my previous post on Cooperative Learning. Check them out!

Click the links below to download:









Cooperative Learning Techniques

Here I’d like to share a cooperative learning powerpoint for English teacher. I have already proven all the techniques stated in the powerpoint and I have used it when I was being one of the facilitators in a workshop. It works very well. Sorry, it is still in Bahasa Indonesia. If you are interested in English form. Just contact me at my email. I’ll be glad to give it freely.

Click –> Cooperative Learning Techniques to download

This file contains:

  1. Jigsaw
  2. Round Robin Brainstorming
  3. Numbered Heads Together
  4. Team Pair Solo
  5. Three-Step-Interview
  6. Think-Pair-Share
  7. Circle the Sage
  8. Cooperative Controversy