A New Tip to Get Good Employees

Accepting an applicant to be your employee in your company can be a difficult if you don’t know the way to decide. If you have good employees in your team, it will give you so much income and assist to your company growth. Otherwise, if you have bad employee in your team, your company will not run well or, the worst, can be collapsed.

In my opinion, there are two kinds of people in this world.

1. Positive Person: A person who has good attitude, big dream, big passion, optimistic, grateful, highly-motivated, open-minded, friendly, brave, and personally-attracted.

2. Negative Person: A person who has bad attitude, low-motivated, pessimistic, close-minded, small dream, always complaining, coward, etc.

I do believe a good employee should meet the characteristic of positive person because such negative person will only give you so much burden in your company. Therefore, I try to give the new and alternative way to decide whether  your perspective is a positive person or not.

The new way is by observing their social media account:

1. Require the Social media account in the job vacancy.

2. Observe your applicants’ social media such as (facebook or twitter)

3. See how they express themselves and how they communicate to others.

4. Observe what they talk. If they talk about good-deeds, motivation, and solution, they belong to positive persons. In contrast, Your applicants have good points if they like to blame, complain, criticize, and say dirty words.