It’s not good to beg, otherwise it’s better to give.

If you have money, you can give it for charity.

If you can do something, you can help someone by your specialty.

If you have idea, you can suggest your friends for their betterment.

It’s true that better to give than to beg.

But, there is something becomes the most worthiest above all.

That is to GIVE JOB because we do not only give. But, we make people productive! We make people more respected! We can raise their dignity! 

 The only man can do it is an ENTREPRENEUR… He certainly becomes the most influential person in his surrounding.

If you want to be such a most useful person

1. start your own business now!

2. be an Entrepreneur !

3. provide the employments for many people!

4. And Be happy to help as many people as possible!


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