Be Unique!!!

Be UniqueThere are three options to be a successful person in this life.

1. Be the best!

If you want to be the winner in this life. You should be the best in the field you concern.

2. Be the first!

It is proven that being the first is the key of success. There are many inventors in this world. They are successful because they can create something new. In another case,  some people can be successful because they have good concern on the field that there are only a few competitors on that field or many people do not know about.

3. If you are not the best, and you are not the first. BE UNIQUE!

If we are not the best and we are not the first. We can be UNIQUE. And this is the good news for everybody who wants to be successful. I repeat. We can be unique. Yeah! It’s true. So how can we be Unique? The answer is just to BE YOU. Just be yourself!  There are many proofs here. Many people are successful not because they are the best one or the first one. However, they can make themselves and their company to be the unique one by showing their own characters.

By Riko Arfiyantama


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