Lesson Plan – Procedure Text (Secondary School) Part 1

Class meetings and Topics

  1. Topic: How to do something


  • Motivation on  why we should listen to some English authentic sources to improve our speaking skill. e.g. Listening music, Watching English film and etc.
  • Reminding the students that they will get listening test in their final examination.
  • Ask the students to find a video on YouTube about “how to speak English fluently”.
  • Asking the students to make groups of four people in order to get 4 different videos to discuss in one group.
  • Ask the students to discuss and tell what they get from the video to other group-mates in group.
  • Ask the students to summarize their group discussion individually based on the 4 videos they discussed.
  • Next, asking them to make their own video about “tips how to speak English fluently” by using laptop, digital camera, or mobile phone. In this step, teacher can save the time effectively because students will learn independently and practice their speaking skills by the capture of the video camera outside the class activities.
  • After they have finished the video, teacher assesses the result and gives the comment on each video.
  • After everything has been done, teacher asks some volunteers from each group to tell the whole class about what they got after making the video the article.
  • Giving the conclusion and comment on the students’ answers.

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