Lesson Plan – Procedure Text (Secondary School) Part 1

Class meetings and Topics

  1. Topic: How to do something


  • Motivation on  why we should listen to some English authentic sources to improve our speaking skill. e.g. Listening music, Watching English film and etc.
  • Reminding the students that they will get listening test in their final examination.
  • Ask the students to find a video on YouTube about “how to speak English fluently”.
  • Asking the students to make groups of four people in order to get 4 different videos to discuss in one group.
  • Ask the students to discuss and tell what they get from the video to other group-mates in group. Continue reading


Reviewed by Riko Arfiyantama

This article is meant to describe the use of languages or Multilingualism in Central Java society. It is interesting to know how people choose a language i.e. Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, or even English as a means of communication since they can use the languages interchangeably. This article will be carried out by taking from language domain, language shift and maintenance, and language revitalization and death point of view. Therefore, there will be mapping in the language setting, interaction, and participants examples provided. Then, the change or the transformation of the language use among the society and its factor. At last, it describes what language needs to be revitalized in order not to be extinct.


Goh and Silver (2004) explain, “Individuals in multilingual societies have to choose languages or varieties according to the different situations. Sometime the choice might concern of the use of a different style or register”. It is likely to happen in Indonesia where many languages are used for example in Central Java where Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese language, and English are used in that place. Bahasa Indonesia is used frequently when people communicate in the formal situation such as in the meeting, school, commerce, and media. While English is used at school, commerce, and technology. Moreover, Javanese is used broadly by society in the informal situation such as at home, and colloquial conversation. The use of the three languages may become an interesting topic to examine by looking at Goh and Silver point of view. Since the use of three languages in Central Java society is unique and need to be investigated further. In this essay, it will be discussed the use of the three language from three points of view. They are the (1) language domain, (2) language shift and maintenance, and (3) lan Continue reading