Lesson Plan – Cooperative Learning on Introduction (Grade X)

For grade ten teaching activities (second meeting on Introduction):

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks

  1. Topics: Introduction

Learning Method: Three-steps interview


  • Motivation to be brave and think creative in our life. Show the examples that life is never flat.
  • Ask the students to make groups of four people (student A, B, C, and D).
  • Teacher asks the students to list the questions which they have asked to the teacher in the last meeting for examples on:
    • Full Name
    • Nick name
    • Date of born
    • Age
    • Address
    • School
    • Hobby
    • Hobby elaboration
    • Family
    • What they like and hate.
    • Favorite food, music, idol, and etc.
    • Their aspiration in the future.
    • Motto.
  • Ask the students to answer all the questions relating the above points.
  • Ask the students to divide their groups in pairs (student A with student B, while student C with student C).
  • Ask  the pairs to make an interview from the above points so that they can exchange information/identity each other: (5 minutes each)
  • Teacher asks student A and student B in a pair to tell student C and student D (in one group), to make it clearer see the explanation below:
    • Then student A tells student C about information obtained from student B, while student C also tells student A about student D’s information.
    • Student B also tells student D about student A’s information, while student D also tells student B about student C’s information
  • After everything finished, teacher invites some volunteers from the groups to tell someone’s identity/information in front of class.



List of assignment:

  •  Searching on YouTube: the video of how to introduce someone. Listen to it carefully and try to understand the video.
  • Make a dialogue on introduction. Then make an introduction video by using laptop or mobile phone.

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