Lesson Plan – Narrative (Senior High School)

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks


Teaching Narrative (reading and Writing Cycle)


– Apperception of Narrative Text and recall the students’ knowledge on that material.

– Asking the students to find out what the purpose of narrative is, Generic structures, and language features of the text.

– Giving an example of a Narrative Text.

– Ask the students to discuss in group of four persons. The discussion focuses on the generic structure and the characteristics of the characters told in the story.

– The groups can make a summary of the story by scanning the important parts of the story and the characteristics of the story.

– Ask one or two groups to present their discussion in front of class.

– Ask the student to search an authentic story written by English native speaker on the internet individually. (the story should be more than one F4 paper and different to other students)

– The students summarize the the story in short by focusing the orientation, orientation (conflict and the climax), and then the resolution.

– The students are also supposed to identify the characteristics of the characters.

– This individual assignment is due the following week of this meeting.


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