Lesson Plan – Pronunciation

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks




– Apperception why pronunciation is much important in English speaking.

– Mispronunciation can bring the listener misunderstood of what we say or even our speaking will not be understood.

– Compare to Javanese word such as the word “lara” which is pronounced differently to the vowel /a/ like other Javanese word.

– Giving some examples how to differentiate the words below:

  • house and horse.
  • bed and bad
  • she, see, and sea
  • refer and river, van and fan

– Giving some example of some words which Bahasa Indonesia does not have:

  • /th/ sound on thank, with, think
  • /p/ on paper, pen and etc.
  • hour and university with article a or an

– View:




– Asking the students to watch and repeat what the speaker on the video says the words.

– Asking the students to write done all kinds of phonetic alphabet they get from the video.

– Asking them to search other word examples on their dictionary.

List of Assignment:

Students are asked to record the list of words they found in the MP3 format. And then, they have to due the assignment later.


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