Lesson Plan – First Meeting

Grade twelve – teaching activities:

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks

  1. Topic: Overview of motivation in Learning.


  • Welcome to the course.
  • Motivation of why we are leaning harder. More expensive is dizzier.
  • Offering the students whether they want to work harder or not
  • Motivation on YOLO (you only live once) so we have to do the great things when we live.
  • Explaining how a tour guide learns a foreign language.
  • Learning English should be crazy. I learn when I am on the way.
  • Ask the students to buy a flash disc for the whole year.
  • Asking the student to make groups for one month to go.
  • Ask the students to provide a cork on the wall to put the best writing or information.
  • Ask the students to make a role play between foreigner and local people in the group.
  • Asking them what topics they are interested in e.g. a tour guide, a seller, a tourist, and etc.
  • Asking them to perform in front of the class and ask them to exchange a pair of students based on their same situation/topics.
  • Giving the conclusion.

Alternative topics: Jigsaw techniques on what they know about Genres they learn during their study at school.

Assignment to discuss today:

  • Collecting different information on the same topic in a team and exchange your information in a team.
  • Begin to think the mid-term assignment. Make a drama with real pictures comic.

List of assignment:

  • Article how to learn English
  • Article how to be a successful student
  • Give a listening MP3, the students are asked to make the script.
  • Give a listening script of national exam, and then they are asked to read and make an MP3 of that.
  • Make a drama with real pictures comic.
  • Make as many as examples in learning Grammar.
  • Identify the characteristics of the figures in a short story and identify the orientation, complication, climax, and resolution.
  • Prepare for Debate (discussion text)
  • Search a film review and do the translate-summarizing-writing. (Review)
  • Make a review of a film. (Review text)

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