First Meeting – Lesson Plan (Tenth Grade)

For grade ten teaching activities:

Class meetings, Topics, and Tasks

  1. Topics: Introduction


  • Ask the students to introduce themselves one by one.
  • Teacher avoids telling his identity explicitly to attract the students to ask questions.
  • Ask the students to address as many as questions to the teacher dealing with the teacher’s identity.
  • Correct the students’ questions.
  • Teacher encourages the students to feel grateful because they can continue their studies at SMA (senior High School) because there many children in their age cannot go to school because they don’t have enough money.
  • Give them motivation to be a smart people, because their teachers and their friends will love him if he is smart. Smart people will be missed and naughty people will be hated.
  • Emphasize the scores taken from cognitive, psychomotor, and affective during the whole year.
  • Asking the students to make an introduction of themselves and fill the criterion below:
    • Full Name
    • Nick name
    • Date of birth
    • Age
    • Address
    • School
    • Hobby
    • Hobby elaboration
    • Family
    • What they like and hate.
    • Favorite food, music, idol, and etc.
    • Their aspiration in the future.
    • Motto.
  • Submit in the SMA N 1 Limbangan English Society Facebook Group.
  • Asking the students to make groups of four for the following meeting.

List of assignment:

  • Jigsaw technique, students are asked to browse a recount text about holiday. Share with their friends and they are asked to write a recount text.
  • Make a diary.
  • Drama Performance in the second semester.

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