Second Week Assignment

In the second week, you should do the reading-translating-summarizing-writing steps again. The assignment is the same with the previous activity. However, you will have to do with a different topic in this week. Please search a topic on Google or other search engines about:

A good education: It can be a good school, a good education system, good students, good teachers, a bad education system, and many others. Find what factors make it good and how to make it.

The article should contain at least one full paper explanation (better more than one).

As the requirement, it should be submitted in the form of F4 paper with 1 line spacing, margin: 1 inch each, and 12 font size of Times new romans.

What to do?

  1. Searching on Google. (An English article)
  2. Translating the article. (into Bahasa Indonesia)
  3. Summarizing in your own words. (in Bahasa Indonesia)
  4. writing (into English)

Due: the following week after the information is announced.


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