Just now, I had a very good idea to gain your English mastery. The problem comes when I think my students need to read more English articles or texts besides their limited text-book material. As what I experience when I studied in Senior and Junior high school. My teachers only ask me to translate some texts. And the result is I can translate well but you know I cannot write or speak in English. the second reason is the step or reading and translating are in line with their goals to get high score in the final test or national examination. As you know, Indonesia implements Ujian nasional (Standardized national examination) by assessing the students through multiple choice questions which rely on the reading and translating skills. Therefore I’d like to make another model of my teaching by proposing the three-steps. That is what I call the three steps of Reading-translating and writing. To make it clearer, read the below explanation:

Reading step: the students are given some materials or articles which they are interested in such as story, their hobby, or novel in English. As my preference, I prefer using motivational article because it can build the students character. the length of the article or story should meet our students’ ability or level.

Translating step: the students are asked to summarize what they have read in their own word by using their mother tongue (Bahasa Indonesia). Then the students should submit or consult their summary to the teacher.

Writing step: this step is added because in this phase the students learn to produce the language and give them chance to recall all the vocabularies in the article. This assumption can be proven exactly because usually students are lack of reading and they seldom use the vocabularies they get from reading. Therefore the recall of what they read and gain the ideas from their own mother tongue (Bahasa Indonesia) is influencing them much to gain their writing ability through the easy way.

Finally, by implementing this model, your students will be successful in National examination and their English competence is also improved. Thus it will be helpful for you. Good luck. Have a nice tryng.


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