Our Right to Breathe is Violated

For most Indonesian people, having a journey to somewhere is unavoidable. We need to move from a place to another. Road or street is one of the facilities which cannot be separated to ease our way in a journey. Have you ever imagined that we can go to everywhere easily without any holes or any puddle on the road. The way we pass is only a smooth way and it can reduce our old vehicle vibrations.

Besides those problems, there is another thing exists which may be ignored by many people. That is the pollution in the road. I write this in order to share what I feel because most roads in Indonesia are not good. I always spend my one third of my times each day on the way. I understand that most of people have to use masker when they are out. Recently, we cannot compare the roads in village and city because they have no difference. If you think that living in the village can keep us from pollution. It is not always so because the roads  in the village are very dirty and much dusk everywhere. In contrast with the city, the roads are quite smooth, but the quantity of the vehicles are above normal and many of public transportation releases much smokes which make us cannot breathe.

Therefore, our right to breathe on the street has been violated. I never know how this problem can be stopped. The awareness of the people about this problem seems not getting better. One of the possible thing that we can do is through education. If you are a teacher, please do not forget to tell this message to the youth of generation. Because the awareness cannot be directly come true, it needs many treatments like we plant a tree.

-Riko Arfiyantama-


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