Make an Article

Sometimes we are confused to make an article. What should be included in the article? Here I post for you if you need. Hopefully it can give you some assistance.


It should not be more than 12 words.

It includes the following points:

  • Objectives/goals/purposes in writing the article.
  • Statements of the problems
  • Research design, population, samples, instrument, data collections, methods, data analysis, interpretation, discussing, and result.
  • Conclusion.
  • Key words


  • Background of your study. It can assist you to identify the problems.
  • Reason for choosing the topic.
  • Statements of the problems.
  • Proposes/goals/objectives.
  • Hypothesis (if needed).
  • Significant of the study: theoretical, pedagogical, and practical.
  • Definition of the terms.


  • Previous studies (identifying the gaps in the previous studies)
  • Theoretical review.
  • Theoretical frameworks.
  • Giving the review related to your study or the explanation of your key-words according to the experts.
  • It is better you do the paraphrasing. If you need a quotation, it must not be more than one paragraph.
  • After the quotation from the experts, begin your summary of the theory and review why the theories are related to your article.


  • Research design
  • Population, sample, subject/object, instrument, try-out, and etc.
  • Data collection.
  • Data analysis
  • Result (triangulation): process, method, instrument (based on the theory).


  • Explain in details what you find after analyzing.
  • Discuss everything by combining the previous chapters. Answer all the questions stated in Introduction.


  • Conclusion is the interpretation of the result.
  • In conclusion, there should be neither analysis nor data/numbers stated.

List the theory you obtained to avoid plagiarism.


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